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Clerk: Helen Chadwick
The Dairy, Village Farm, Main
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Memorial stone

Memorial stone

A memorial stone has been installed at the entrance to the playing field and serves as a lasting tribute to the far too many people lost far too soon to COVID-19.

It is also a tribute to our genius scientists, brave nurses and doctors and the scores of carers and key workers who have been there for us all throughout this incredibly challenging time.

We also owe our NHS a tremendous debt of gratitude for the rollout of the vaccine, this memorial is just one way of ensuring we never forget the selfless service and sacrifice of all those who work in our NHS.'

The parish council would like to thank Tarmac, who donated the granite, and English Rose, who provided the plaque.

Further work still needs to be done to complete the project including the edging and the removal of weeds!

Posted: Tue, 14 Jun 2022 13:13 by Helen Chadwick

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